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Although ringplus is down the ringplus forum is still a little active or so we believed. Before we decide whether the forum is active or not, let’s look at the history of the ringplus. Currently, the owner of the ringplus […]

Ringplus Forum

Although ringplus is down the ringplus forum is still a little active or so we believed. Before we decide whether the forum is active or not, let’s look at the history of the ringplus. Currently, the owner of the ringplus has moved on to blockchain technology. You can read more about ringplus forum

History of Ringplus

RingPlus was founded in 2006. The CEO was Karl Seelig. RingPlus showed a monthly growth of 44% (880% for all of 2015) but did not show the number of paid and free enrollments.  RingPlus in 2008, started examining the RBT and IRRBT technology with 40,000 users under the direct supervision of its CEO and Founder Karl Seelig and its new CTO, Evan McGee.

The first development of RingPlus was a prototype platform using VoIP technologies as a foundation for providing free international calling. This is when RingPlus won several awards for its patented technology invented by Karl Seelig and his wife Anita Seelig (Erickson), (e.g. Best Free VoIP provider; No. 6 of 10 Best Innovations of 2008). The beta test was successfully concluded in January 2010.

Legal Battles

In 2006, RingPlus fought a long-lasting, multi-million dollar legal battle against RingPlus, and AT&T (indemnified by Ericsson) began, delaying the commercial launch of free cellular service for a number of years. The logic, scope, and implementable state of RingPlus’ intellectual property were put into question threatening the company’s vision of successfully monetizing the RBT platform.

RingPlus was licensed to multiple carriers in the US over the third party in 2007. It was only implemented for RingBack Tone music.

In August 2010, RingPlus’ General Counsel, Jerry Mowery, successfully defended the enforceability of the 7,006,608 Patent in front of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington DC.

In 2011, a second lawsuit against Preferred Voice Inc. for infringement of the same patent was successfully settled after which Preferred Voice ceased offering any RBT services and operations.

In 2012, RingPlus began operating on the Sprint network and started enabling two other MVNOs on the Sprint Network.

Ringplus Forum State

Many people still harbor ill will about Ringplus. Here is the state of the ringplus forum now. Karl wanted to keep the forum open and available as long as possible. He really did believe in the benefits of a social atmosphere and the power of crowd-sourced knowledge. He also thought that MVNOs in general was an important alternative to the Big 4 offerings. After the demise of Ringplus as a provider he hoped to keep the Social Forum as a viable entity and to let the members and other MVNOs take it where it fits best.

Social had never been a very technically stable platform-it seemed to require regular maintenance, and there were frequent outages-as well as the fixed costs of providing the site. The thought was to monetize Social through co-promotions with other MVNOs (as with SpeedTalk and TPO), to hopefully get some assistance from other MVNOs that didn’t have their own forums (& admired Social) and to use site banner advertising.

This seemed to be a win-win-win situation if it worked. Users would get special rate offers, other MVNOs would get direct communication channels with users and prospective users, the accumulated knowledge would remain available & grow.

Site Traffic

Site traffic fell off steeply, though. I suspect that the last time the site broke and needed significant maintenance, it just wasn’t viable with the income it was generating.

I’d like to offer special recognition to all the Social members who shared their expertise, knowledge, and experience to make Social a great source of information about how networks work, about technical issues, about solving device-specific issues, about VoIP, etc. Karl mentioned to the mods several times that other MVNOs, and Sprint itself, were impressed by the Social forum.

In one particular instance where a Sprint network-wide glitch caused massive problems across the entire Sprint network, Karl told the mods that the Sprint Tech team was particularly impressed that the Social crowd-sourced forum was coming up with workarounds and solutions that they were having trouble coming up with. The strength of Social even helped RingPlus in contract negotiations with Sprint.


The is now an audio service and the ringplus forum has is completely down now. The ringplus forum still had a ton of information. The mod ex tried to keep it running but it wasn’t profitable and so had to be shut down.

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